One-Click to track your developer community and technical content across all platforms
Krunch automatically tracks the performance of your livestreams, videos, blogposts and tweets, helping you understand your audience and focus on what matters to them.
How we work?
Start Measuring Your ROI
Wouldn’t it be great if you can visualize the traffic your content was driving to your, let's say, product’s signup page?
Imagine you’ve -
  1. Pushed Code to GitHub
  2. Blogged It
  3. Tweeted It
  4. Is this getting more visitors to your Sign Up page? Github repo? or even your Discord?
Well, with our proprietary tracking technologies, we can track and visualize the impact for you and answer these questions! You own the metrics, without all the approval and access you need to get from other departments.
Super Easy Technical Content Monitoring
  1. Get a timeline view of all the content that you published
  2. Interact with the metrics
  3. Compare the performance
  4. Get to know your community members associated with each piece of content and the feedback
Know Your Developer Community Like Never Before
You get to view all your community members from different platforms in one place. Fetch the interaction with your content, community profiles, bios, place of work, and tech preferences.
This helps you identify emerging users, champion users, potential sales leads from your community. Identify reactions to your content and specific feedback.
Competitor + Partner Technical Content Tracking And Benchmarking
You collaborated with someone on a piece of content that you want to track but you don’t own? Or want to know how your competitors' content is performing? What works for them and what specific feedback are they getting from the community? Well you can do all of this with Krunch!
Reporting Made Simple
Feeling stressed when your management asks for a last minute report showing the value of your work?
With one click, you can generate a report, effortlessly proving to your business leaders what you do for the community is working.
What they say about us?
“ Producing high-quality technical content is an important part of a DevRel team’s mission, but it’s often difficult to know what type of content is most effective for our community. Krunch takes the guesswork out of it and lets my team simply focus on the work they truly enjoy.”
Advisor of Krunch
“ Devrel friends, have you heard the good word about @krunchdata?

They do automated reporting for activities and using this has saved me 3-? hours a week that I used to use staring at spreadsheets”
DevRel Consultant
“ Measuring devrel and content efforts can be terrible, @krunchdata nearly put it on autopilot for us. So helpful as we launched and grew the team.”
Director of Developer Relations @New Relic
“ The last couple months using @krunchdata have been a dream in helping me gather and visualise my streaming data and other DevRel engagement at work with nary a spreadsheet in sight

Their receptiveness to feedback and friendliness has also been great. Thanks, y'all!”
Head of Open Source @codeseeio
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