One click content tracking.
Understand what your
developer community wants.
Krunch automatically tracks the performance of your livestreams, videos, blogposts and tweets, helping you understand your audience and focus on what matters to them.
How we work?
Easy Content Monitoring

You lose hours every week by manually monitoring activities and analyzing what content works, especially when you have multiple channels and team members to track.

Krunch lets you track your content automatically, and quickly see your content performance.

Now you can ditch those omnipresent spreadsheets and focus on what matters – your community.

Know Your Audience Well

Want to make sure you can identify, understand and focus on community members who are most engaged with your work?

Krunch helps you spot audiences who are interested in your content and map out their interaction history.

Don’t worry about missing community members who can collaborate with you!

Reporting Made Simple

Feeling stressed when your management asks for a last minute report showing the value of your work?

With one click, you can generate a report, effortlessly proving to your business leaders what you do for the community is working.

What they say about us?
“ Producing high-quality technical content is an important part of a DevRel team’s mission, but it’s often difficult to know what type of content is most effective for our community. Krunch takes the guesswork out of it and lets my team simply focus on the work they truly enjoy.”
Advisor of Krunch
“ Devrel friends, have you heard the good word about @krunchdata?

They do automated reporting for activities and using this has saved me 3-? hours a week that I used to use staring at spreadsheets”
DevRel Consultant
“ Measuring devrel and content efforts can be terrible, @krunchdata nearly put it on autopilot for us. So helpful as we launched and grew the team.”
Director of Developer Relations @New Relic
“ The last couple months using @krunchdata have been a dream in helping me gather and visualise my streaming data and other DevRel engagement at work with nary a spreadsheet in sight

Their receptiveness to feedback and friendliness has also been great. Thanks, y'all!”
Head of Open Source @codeseeio
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