The Developer Community Cockpit

Welcome aboard captain. All relevant insights are ready to drive your developer community & business happiness

Krunch Thinks Sustainably.

We’re Not Just Another Community Tool 

We are convinced that a well-served community, aligned business & community goals, and an informed technical community builder are the keys that will unlock sustainable development. Simply put, the pathwaywe want for the future.


Serve Your Technical Community Well

We know you are passionate about helping your developer community. At a glance, seeing where the conversation happens, the sentiment and giving support at the right moment is key to keep them happy. Krunch makes it easy for you.


Help Your Business Achieves Its Goals

Spend time on what matters, help management understand how your community effort is aligned with the company goals. Not on things which should not be done manually – tracking metrics across platforms, generating reports and reading un-unified analytic results.  


Understand Your Value & Make Better Decisions

Knowing the value of different activities you do for the technical community is important, so you can make better decisions & avoid burnout. By crunching large volumes of data, and turn them into impact analysis, Krunch gives you the info you need like a cockpit. 

Integrate With Your Stack


While most professionals have the best interests of the business at their front of their minds, driving their day-to-day decisions, DevRel professionals have the best interests of the community as their driving factor. They of course care about the success of the business as well—it is, after all, what pays their bills—but they understand that if the community is happy and successful as a result of using the product, the business is far more likely to succeed as well.

Mary Thengvall, Advisor to Krunch

The ultimate data pipeline