Understand Your Strategy & Measure It Too
At Krunch, we rely heavily on the Libby Boxes framework. It allows us ensure that our product helps Devrels to define their goals clearly and in turn ensures that we're able to measure the success of the efforts put towards these goals. We're very excited to discuss this marriage. Allons-y

The Libby Box framework is an interesting framework. It’s a very simple yet powerful mechanism that allows us to 

  • Design your Strategy, 
    • Map them to Goals, setup potential tracking metrics for your Actions against those Goals 
      • Cleanly Measure our outcome of those Initiatives against the Goals you had set ourselves. 

Measuring the impact of your goals is super important. We covered the importance of measuring in our blog: The Devrel Paradox

Let’s discuss how Libby Boxes ties into measuring the impact of your activities for your community and how Krunch is able to lend a helping hand. 

Introducing Libby Boxes

Libby Boxes revolve around four boxes primarily with their moons revolving around them. Let’s lay it out – 


Conceptualization concerns with your high-level outline of the activities that you wish to undertake. These will set the stage for the entire Libby Boxes framework. It’s essential you list the activities that you feel you ought to do and are your strengths to help your community.  The items that go in this list can be derived from your company’s past experience of interacting with the community or your own past projects to communicate with the community. 

For example –

These help you define your strengths that will help you achieve your goals as a  DevRel. Once these have been defined, you fill in the next two boxes in parallel. 


The primary aim here is to ensure you list out the key goals that you’ve set yourself from a strategic viewpoint, your viewpoint & the organization’s viewpoint. You could potentially follow the famous Pirate Metrics to define these out.  

Here is a sample-


Here we spell out the actions we’re going to take that will help us achieve our strategic goals. Along with those, the aim is to come up with items that would help you track those actions. Primarily you should look to expand on the Concepts defined in Step 1 and turn them into the Initiatives that need to be taken to bring them to realization. 

Let’s Consider the following – 

Here we clearly define Actions that we’re going to take to meet our Goals and measure the result of the Action. This will later help define SUCCESS METRICS. 


SUCCESS METRICS allows you to understand if you’ve been successful. This is somewhat like your wall of fame/accolades. Here we list out the tasks that been completed successfully.

The Final Picture

So Where Does Krunch Fit In? 

Krunch is a data analytics tool that allows you to track your activities and the impact of those activities on your community. It allows you to quantify the impact of your efforts. Krunch helps to organize your activities and in turn, keep a track of those activities so, at the end of the day, you can measure your success. 

Krunch’s Example 1

Let’s take a live example. Camunda Con took place from the 8th – 9th of October 2020. The Camunda team plugged in the key work #CamundaCon in Krunch and mapped it’s an online community to Krunch. Krunch went on to figure out the community’s response to Camunda Con by tracking the Mentions and the Sentiment around the conference. Here are the results – 

This gives you a very clear idea to the Camunda team of the response of their community and helps them measure the success of their conference. 

Next, Krunch Example 2

Krunch allows you to better understand the pain points of your community. Krunch allows you to select your community that you wish to track, specify the areas of your product that you wish to monitor, and Krunch filters your community’s questions on that specific area of your product. 

This gives you a clear list of queries raised by your community over a given time period and you get to answer those either directly or via a blog/video/Vine! 

Here are my Stackoverflow blockchain community’s questions for the last 30 days. I now get to take these queries back to my product and engineering team and come up with solutions that’d ensure to ease this pain point for my community and make their lives that much easier! 

In Conclusion 

Libby Boxes framework is a tool that helps us measure the performance of our efforts and helps us evaluate how far or close we came to achieving our Goals. 

Krunch is an application that leverages the Libby Box framework to provide analytical aid to Devrels in measuring the impact of their activities on their communities. 

Additionally, here is a comprehensive workshop by our wonderful and generous advisor, Mary Thengvall if you wish to further deep dive into Libby Boxes. It goes without saying, you will find it terrific.

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